4 Simple Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 15 Mins

Team Storytap 2017-09-11

Hacks make things easier. With technology dependent lives, we always look for tips to handle the technology more efficiently. It becomes even easier if the hacks don’t take up much of our time. Here are some of the tech hacks that can be learned in just 15 minutes.

1. View the contents of the pen drive by removing the shortcut virus

We all have encountered the situation where we insert the pen drive and all that we find is a shortcut. It’s a virus so, don’t open it even though it lets you view the files. Delete it and you can view the files then, by opening command prompt and entering the following command:
attrib –h –s –r /s /d

4 Simple Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 15 Mins

2. Redirecting mails to a single account from different mail accounts

Many of us have more than one e-mail account and we find it difficult to check all of them. There is a way to redirect all the mails from various mail accounts to a single account. Supposing you have two mail accounts, one on gmail and one on hotmail and you want to redirect all your messages on gmail to the account on hotmail. You can follow as-

1. Sign in to your gmail account.
2. Click on settings.
3. Select forwarding and POP.
4. Go for the option ‘Add a forwarding address’ and enter your hotmail address there. Now, all your messages on gmail will be forwarded to your hotmail too. You can do the reverse as well.

4 Simple Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 15 Mins

3. Using ‘Find & Replace’ on Microsoft Word

Suppose you are writing a research paper. The guidelines said to give single spacing between words but, in your 11th page you realize you have been giving double spacing between the words all this while. It’s a tough task to go back and change the spacing between each and every word. The ‘Find and Replace’ option comes in handy here. br/> 1. Press Ctrl+F

2. Select the ‘Replace’ tab in the dialogue box
3. In ‘Find What’ put double space
4. In ‘Replace With’ put single space
5. Then, click on ‘Replace All’
The entire document gets modified in the new spacing within seconds!

4 Simple Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 15 Mins

4. Find WiFi password from already connected PC

1. Control Panel
2. Network and Sharing Center
3. Click on wifi connection
4. Wireless properties
5. Security
6. Check show characters

4 Simple Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 15 Mins

Follow these hacks and enjoy using technology!

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