5 Best Websites To Learn Things Online

Kavya Parag 2017-12-26

With emerging connectivity around the world and high-speed internet connections, we are into the era where internet is not only a medium or linkage for transfer of data but also a very vital backbone for building up knowledge and gaining education.
Listed below are 5 such online websites that provide you certification in your desired courses apart from your domain to enhance your existing topics of interest and also your hobbies

1. Coursera

This well-known website offers courses from the world’s famous universities in the fields of Computer science, Data sciences, social science, math and logic, business, arts and humanities and also language learning.
The best part is that it is very easy to sign up and all the courses can be taken up at absolutely zero cost. If you need a certification for the course, then you can also take up paid courses.

5 Best Websites To Learn Things Online


2. Udacity

This website offers massive educational courses to boost up your resume and increase the value of your curriculum based subjects.
Free online classes with virtual training and online doubt solving portal make it very easy and convenient for students to interact with their instructors. The website also provides nano degree's to build a portfolio of industry relevant projects. If one is really concerned about building up their resume in their selected fields, then do go for Udacity.

5 Best Websites To Learn Things Online


3. Udemy

This website is also similar to the above few. It provides courses in various levels chosen by the instructor. The instructor can have his/ her own course and upload any relevant data for the topic of the course. Some courses are absolutely free of cost for beginners and some are charged a tuition fee.
The website offers exclusive sales and courses at discounted prices for festivals & occasions too!
one can grab the opportunity of the attractive discounts offered by Udemy.

5 Best Websites To Learn Things Online


4. Codecademy

If you are someone who loves coding or someone who knows how important coding is and you wish to learn from scratch, then this website is perfectly made for you.
It offers free courses for coding in 12 different languages. Some of which are Java, Python, SQL, PHP, etc.
One can upgrade to the ‘pro’ plan and take benefit of the quizzes and online tests. You can also learn the languages and later apply them to building websites with the courses available on the website.

5 Best Websites To Learn Things Online


5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non- profit organisation created by Salman Khan. No, do not get confused with the actor Salman Khan. He is an American educator Salman Amin Khan. Before starting the online portal, he started with a YouTube channel which aimed at providing education to students over the globe.
The platform is not only for Students but also for parents and teachers. It provides online classes for the preparation of various exams such as SAT, IIT JEE, MCAT, GMAT, etc. The basic curriculum of students from schools with subjects like math and also science and engineering is covered.

5 Best Websites To Learn Things Online


These are just a few best websites mentioned, while there are 100’s of such available on the internet. Also, courses are offered by Universities such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, etc.
With so much available on the internet, it is us who have the option to choose. Instead of surfing less of the social media websites and investing the same time in these building blocks of knowledge will definitely lead to a better future and a better country.


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