5 Not So Popular Android Apps You Must Have In Your Phone

Vivek Singh 2017-06-26

With the ever-evolving Android world, a few apps may not get the appreciation that they deserve. Below is a list of five such apps, which are what one would call “hidden-gems”, and deserve more attention-

5 Not So Popular Android Apps You Must Have In Your Phone

1. Forest: Stay Focused

With all these instant messaging and social media apps plaguing our phones, it can be very hard to get some work done nowadays. This is where Forest: Stay Focused comes in. You can use this app to set a timer for how long you wish to do your work without being distracted. Say, you set a timer for 30 minutes of productive work. The app will then plant a virtual sapling for you, and the sapling will continue to grow into a full-grown tree in this 30-minute period. However, if you leave the app, the tree dies. Although it may seem a bit lame and manipulative at first, but believe me, it works. The app also offers additional customization. You can tag your tree under tags, indicating what work you were doing in that period. All the trees that you grow are also planted in a virtual forest, and it feels great to watch it grow. The app also gives you some ‘virtual seeds’ for each tree that you plant, and these can be used to unlock different types of trees.

2. Moon+ Reader

I read a lot of books, and many of them on my mobile, so I’m constantly on the look-out for new and better e-reading apps. One day, I chanced upon Moon+ Reader and it has since become my go-to app for e-reading. Moon+ Reader is definitely the most customizable e-reading app out there, and although the options may seem overwhelming at first, once you customize them to your needs, it will make for a tremendous reading experience. You can adjust fonts, margins, backgrounds, font colors, and a ton of other things. You can even change the page-turning effects. And of course, it also offers text-to-speech option. And has tons of other customizations.

3. Black Player

Black player for me is the best free player on the Play Store. What makes this app is its amazing and elegant UI. And again, it is highly customizable. You can even search and set album art for both albums and individual songs. The whole song metadata is customizable in-app, meaning you can get rid of those pesky “downloaded from xyz.com” tags that some mp3 files carry. It is also compatible with almost every music format out there, even the lossless FLAC format.

4. Solid Explorer

The best file management app out there. And certainly better than the bloatware filled ES Explorer. Solid Explorer has a very pleasant and elegant material UI. And it covers everything that one would expect from a standard file management app. But few addition features like- ability to view all videos, photos, music in one place; ability to connect and browse through cloud storages in-app; compatibility as a root explorer; are what makes this app really stand out. Even if you’re not a power user, the pleasant, non-intrusive UI, and bloatware free UI should be incentive enough to get this app, which can be bought for a measly ₹10.

5. Firefox for Android

While you may have heard of this one, it is a must have internet browsing app. It doesn’t slow down your phone like Chrome, it is in-fact one of the quickest browsers out there. It has a neat and minimalistic interface and provides other standard features that most browsers do. But there are two things that make it stand out from the rest of the pack. First, the ability to add add-ons. Which means, you can add an ad blocker, and browse the internet without any ads! No other browser provides this feature. Second, it lets you play YouTube videos in the background, even if your phone is locked. This is something that the YouTube app itself cannot do.


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