5 Theories That Will Literally Blow Your Mind

Vaishnavi Kamble 2018-01-09

Youre gazing into the night sky and counting stars. You find glitches. You find that the stars are pixelated, you go crazy and learn that you are actually a sims character. That’s just a theory. Here are some more theories that will burst your head open and make you think harder. The words are twisty, but well thought of, and if that does not blow your mind, I really don’t know what will.

1. Simulation Theory

For reference read the description over again. Have you played the SIMS before? It’s an online role-playing game where you can select a character that represents you. The user operates the SIM according to his will and can make the SIM do anything he wants. What are the possibilities that all our lives, everything that we see, and everything that exists around us is in fact being controlled and simulated by higher beings. Understanding this theory truly and wholly is quite difficult. But what are we here for. A point (singe dimensional- x axis) can be multiplied and can be used to form multiple points that are connected to each other. A line (two dimensional-x,y axis) can be used to form multiple lines that are connected to one another to form an object (three dimensional-x,y,z axis). Objects like us have three dimensions (x,y,z axis that occupy space) as well as time that is the fourth dimension. Each dimension has no relation with the one higher than itself, but has complete interaction with the ones below itself. Similarly we- the fourth dimension have no idea about any dimension higher than our self, but we completely interact with the ones lower than ours. Topsy much? Keep reading.

5 Theories That Will Literally Blow Your Mind


2. Glaciation Theory

This one is much simpler to understand. When our universe was created, we were given a lifetime allowance of only a limited amount of energy. We also know that “energy can neither be created nor can be destroyed, but can only be transferred from one form to another” this is true only for the ideal universe. We live in a practical universe. The remaining form of energy that leaves a system is heat energy, which dissipates with time. So, the point being. One day all the damn energy that the universe holds will die out, and that will be the day when the earth will stand still. No more motion. No more commotion, just still, like pond water during winter.

5 Theories That Will Literally Blow Your Mind


3. The Multiverse Theory

Some millions and millions of light years away lies a planet which has a replica of you standing on the balcony drinking coffee with the love of your life. On some other planet trillions and trillions of light years away you are running from a gang of killers, with a gun in your pocket and handcuffs on your wrists. That is a complete different universe though. And this is obviously just a theory. This theory is called the multiverse theory, which states that there is a huge possibility there are millions of universes just like ours, but still very different from ours. “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” ― Arthur C. Clarke

5 Theories That Will Literally Blow Your Mind


4. Brain In A Jar

Our brain is a weird being. Human’s understanding of reality depends solely on his subjective feelings. The theory goes like this- (explanation) ; our brain has been placed under a (assumed) jar. What we see, touch, hear and understand, feel in general is all externally stimulated onto the brain. Our brain is simply made to feel the stimulus. Similarly, our brain has been engineered to think that the life we are living, is actually what we are living. Whereas the theory states that it may not be so, because, the brain is simply imagining.

5 Theories That Will Literally Blow Your Mind


5. Fictional Realism

Good news, superman exists. But not here. In some other universe, far far away. And so does Wolverine, and Spiderman, and Harry Potter. Here are two quotes that prove my statements. “If you can imagine it, it is real” –Pablo Picasso. “The best way to rule the universe is to create it.” – Bryan Cranston is Stan Lee.

5 Theories That Will Literally Blow Your Mind


There you go loves. Scratch your heads and question your peers.


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