6 Computer Games We All Grew Up Playing

Mohini Sardar 2017-11-08

We have all played video games on our PC’s (Personal computer, not picture courtesy, duh!.) It was the era of computers and video games, which is now replaced by laptops and mobile phones. Be it a girl or a boy, we cannot deny on playing atleast one of these computer games.

1. Road Rash

This motorcycle racing video game, developed by Electronic Arts, is one of the most popular games of our childhood. The game was about motorcyclists indulging in illegal street races. In recent news, Road rash is back, with a new name- Road Redemption. The real challenge is whether it can carry the legacy of road rash well or just prove as a bane!?

6 Computer Games We All Grew Up Playing


2. Pac-Man

Released in 1980, by Nando, this video game series was a must in every computer. One of the most popular maze games of the time. It was available in many versions like Pac- attack, Pac-in-time, and so on. It was introduced in PlayStation as well, with the name Pac Man World. The recent game being The Pac Man Championship Edition 2, developed in 2016.

6 Computer Games We All Grew Up Playing


3. Need For Speed

Another racing game franchise initiated by the Electronic Arts, and developed by the Ghost Games, Need For Speed was one of the popular car racing games back then. The popularity escalated so much that it was also turned into a film along with introduced as Hot Wheels Toys. It allows multiplayers in the game, by the split screen feature.

6 Computer Games We All Grew Up Playing


4. Age of Empires

A real-time strategy game about history, Age of Empires, developed by Ensemble Studios was a must have in every nerd and history lover’s computer. The game is a series, having consecutive parts to it , dealing with different segments of history. The first game was published in 1997. The animated scenes and the monuments made it even more appealing.

6 Computer Games We All Grew Up Playing


5. Super Mario Bros

Released in 1985, Super Mario Bros was published and developed by Nintendo. Critically acclaimed as the “greatest game of all times,” Super Mario is available in two modes - Single and multiplayer. The game was so famous that is was adapted as a feature film, an anime series, and sequels. Super Mario was, undoubtedly, our favourite platform game when we were kids.

6 Computer Games We All Grew Up Playing


6. Grand Theft Auto

Is there any instance where we talk about computer games from our childhood and do not talk about GTA? I guess not! Published by Rockstar games, this video game series became a favourite of every 90s kid. The games take place in created cities, like San Andreas, Liberty city and so on. It was ranked as the fourth highest selling video game of all time.

6 Computer Games We All Grew Up Playing


Nostalgic much!? Go and rehash these games right now and relieve your childhood!! (If you still own a PC, that is!)


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