7 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Phone Users

Team Storytap 2017-12-11

The issue of battery life of Android Smartphone is the major issue of all the time. However, user’s behaviour has a great impact on battery life of a phone, but the optimisation also plays a major role. Many apps in your Smartphone continuous running in the background, unaware of the user and therefore, sucking the battery. To optimise these apps one need the battery saver app, so that we can enjoy a Smartphone running longer.

1. Battery Doctor

With Battery Doctor, users can optimise the battery power with just one tap. According to the status of battery, the Battery Doctor app automatically changes the settings. This app also provides you with various sources due to which the battery is draining. The app estimates battery backup time in various situations like playing games, calling, Internet surfing etc. Power saving modes, task killer, brightness control etc. are some other perks offered by Battery doctor app without spending a single unit of money.

7 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Phone Users

2. DU Battery Saver

DU battery saver is the best battery saver app which kills the background processes which were causing the battery life to be drained. The free version of the DU battery saver claims to boost the battery life by approximately 50 percent. The app provides the battery backup left time, duration required for full charging of battery and other deadlines. DU battery saver is helping more than 10 million users to solve the battery related problems.

7 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Phone Users

3. Avast Battery Saver

Avast is a well known brand for solving various issues related to mobile phones and computers. Avast battery saver works with the settings like internet connection, brightness etc. to optimize them according to the battery life remaining which consequently results in increased battery life.

7 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Phone Users

4. GO Battery Saver

This one is another excellent app for battery saving. Some of its best features include power saving mode, one click power optimisation, healthy charging of battery etc. Another advantage of using GO Battery saver is that you can turn on the charging maintenance mode to decrease the charging duration.

5. Juice Defender

Juice Defender needs no manual operation. It has a brain of its own, which optimises the battery life automatically. In addition to this, if you want to control the process of optimisation by yourself, then there are five different modes like, normal mode, general power saving mode, super power saving mode etc. Due to which you can customise the power saving as per your requirements.

7 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Phone Users

6. Battery Defender

Battery defender is another best battery saver app for Android in which there are various typical, but integral and interesting features for saving the battery. For example, Quite sleeping is one of the most loved feature of this app in which you have to tell the app when you’re sleeping and it’ll automatically turn off the connections like cellular data and Wi-Fi etc. to maximise the battery life.

7. Greenify

Greenify app finds the app which is downgrading the performance and battery life of your smartphone and shut those apps, if you are not using them. Greenify is a featherweight app in terms of CPU and RAM usage, however, it gives best results when the device is rooted, but unrooted devices can also use this.

7 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Phone Users

If the battery of your Smartphone is draining fast, when it is not supposed to be, then you are highly recommended to install any of these apps in your Android device.

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