9 Battery Saving Tips For Android Phone Users

Team Storytap 2017-07-29

The power of smartphone batteries is growing with every new model of Android device releasing. However, we aren’t seeing any of such great advantage since our Android devices are demanding more n more power to serve the facilities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS and infinite no. of applications. Fortunately, there are dew simple and very critical tips, which every Android user must try to extend the battery life of your device.

9 Battery Saving Tips For Android Phone Users

1. Use Power Saving Mode

Yes, most of the Android devices have provided some kind of power saving mode. While you turn on the power saving mode, it will shut down or hibernate some apps when your battery is below some predetermined level.

2. Use Black Wallpaper

Black wallpaper can increase the battery life. Most of the android phone screens illuminate only coloured pixels. Black pixels are unlighted and therefore, needs less power to light up those black or dark pixels which ultimately results in longer battery life.
Some people use live wallpaper for their interest, but live wallpaper consume too much from the battery. So, stop using them as soon as possible and have something power friendly.

3. Turn Off Connectivity Features When You’re Not Using Them

Most part of the battery is consumed by connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile data etc. Obviously, you don’t need all these connections 24 × 7. So, you must turn them off whenever you don’t require them.

4. Say No To Adaptive Or Auto Brightness

Illumination of screen consumes a significant amount of the battery. When you use the adaptive or auto brightness, then brightness is always more than you actually need. It would be better to manually set brightness to a lower but comfortable level. However, you don’t need to go too low as it will make the screen harder to see and consequently affect your eyes.

9 Battery Saving Tips For Android Phone Users

5. Turn Off Vibration

Unless you really need more awareness of incoming alerts, just turn off the vibration alerts. It sucks more battery juice to vibrate than to ring. Therefore, it is advisable to turn off the vibration. Also, there is one more thing, named haptic feedback which is the buzz you get from typing on the keyboard. It actually doesn’t add much to your experience of typing. So, save battery by turning off all these unnecessary things.

6. Shut The Apps Running In Background

There are many applications running continuously in background unaware of users. Stop the apps that you don’t want to run. This will help in increasing battery backup and avoiding the excess drainage of the battery.

7. Stop Auto Syncing

Auto-syncing for Google accounts is also an avoidable thing since you don’t need your Google account to be updated every 15 minutes. Instead go to Gmail app and check manually if there is any new mail. Therefore, be aware of this auto synchronisation trap.

8. Root Your Device

Follow this advice only if you are technically advanced since rooting is an advanced process that changes device to device. However, it is assured that a number of battery saving techniques available for root users and not for non-root devices.

9. Use A Battery Saver

There are many Android applications available for the optimisation of performance and increase of battery life. To free up system resources and boost battery performance, you must download the best suited battery saver app.

Managing and amplifying your mobile battery life is simply minimising the power usage. Battery conservation is a simple task. You just have to dim your screen and turn off apps and services you aren’t using. Follow these tips and maximise the battery backup time.

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