How To Use Google Maps Navigation When Offline

Team Storytap 2017-07-27

Do you always rely on Google maps while travelling for the answer to the question “where to go”? Can you think of a frustrating situation more than losing your internet connection for a while, given that it is the only reliable source you have? It is not essential that you’ll be connected all the time you’re travelling. The solution for this problem is now provided by Google, which is the offline feature of Google maps.

How To Use Google Maps Navigation When Offline

What you have to do to access this is to download the area you’re interested in. Before planning a travel, just search the area and save the required area offline. There is always an option of downloading provided for every required geographical area. Follow the given steps to access the offline feature of Google maps

  • Open Google maps and search for the country or city you need.
  • Tap on the Download or save to offline button provided on the right hand side ( this may vary device to device)
  • Once the download is complete, you are able to view all details of the area without the internet connection such as opening and closing times, driving directions, contact information and ratings etc.
  • Open My places from the left side options.
  • Access the area without internet connection while travelling.

Another method to download is to directly go to My places and tap on the + icon to add the new place.

How To Use Google Maps Navigation When Offline

Keep in mind that the area downloaded by you will be automatically removed after 30 days. They have their own reasons behind this since Google need to stay updated about every area. However, there are some limitations of this offline aspect of Google maps, but it helps many people in their difficult times. In your preparation for a road trip, be prepared before you’re trapped into some tough situation.

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