Is It Worthy To Buy The Macbook Air In 2017?

Utkarsh Sharma 2017-10-25

Apple’s MacBook Air surely set the bar for mesmerising looks of an electronic gadget. The beautiful and slim laptop surely attracts a lot of eyes to its spellbinding classy finish and metal look. Initially released back in 2008, Apple has stayed loyal to the initial design of the MacBook Air, and no major changes have been seen in that domain for over a decade. On the performance part, minor upgrades to the specifications of the laptop have been made, but the Air still lacks far behind other laptops in the price segment. With the release of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook 2017, buyers have been speculative regarding the Air. Let’s ponder over some facts that prove the Air is still worthy all the money;

1. Budget

The new MacBook Pro starts at around ₹85,000 and the MacBook 2017’s price goes even higher. With the average Indian laptop costing less than ₹50K, the Pro and the 2017 aren’t well accepted by the Indian market. However, the Air is good for the pocket and delivers Apple brilliance and is available at an affordable price of ₹50,000 on various online retailers.

Is It Worthy To Buy The Macbook Air In 2017?


2. Design

Study, Classy and Beautiful. The MacBook Air’s design is significantly its greatest form factor. The aluminium build adds to Apple’s stunning design. A glowing Apple logo on the rear side adds to the razzmatazz of the Air, which is certainly still in the top drawer of alluring gadgets. A smooth keyboard, one of the finest touchpad and a decent display adds to the pros of buying an Air.

Is It Worthy To Buy The Macbook Air In 2017?


3. Connectivity

All of the new MacBook have only USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports, which is indeed a bold move by Apple. The new innovative port’s certainly have their advantages, but the Air’s USB 3.0 ports allows users to directly plug and play their mainstream devices instead of buying tons of dongles and adapters. An SD card port is available on the Air, which adds to its connectivity to various mainstream devices like Cameras and Mobile Phones.

Is It Worthy To Buy The Macbook Air In 2017?


4. Performance

The Air is undisputedly not as powerful as the new MacBook Pro and the 12-inch new MacBook, but certainly delivers one of the smoothest performance ever delivered by a laptop. A perfect laptop of web surfing, amateur programming and other daily chores, the Air still boasts a handsome range of specifications including Intel’s i5 Processor and 8 GB or RAM. A Solid State Drive, commonly known as a SSD replaces the mainstream HDD on the Air, making its performance smoother than majority of other laptops. The SSD certainly takes the edge over the more common HDD with much faster boot times and disk reading capabilities. The macOS could be hassle for first-time users but within few hours of usage, the buttery smooth performances of the machine and the OS are truly mesmerising for the users.

Is It Worthy To Buy The Macbook Air In 2017?


5. Battery Life

Apple promises over 12 hours of battery life on the Air, and for a company known for its values, it unquestionably delivers. The MacBook Air has one of the finest battery life, which combining with its portability and design make it the perfect machine on-the-go. While newer charging methods have been introduced on the Pro and MacBook 2017, Apple’s reliable MagSafe for the Air is still there. The MagSafe charging connector uses magnets to connect with the port, and easily detaches in cause of pressure on the cord. The Magnetic technique of the MagSafe keeps this attractive machine safe from tumbling over.

Is It Worthy To Buy The Macbook Air In 2017?


While the Air has its cons of running low on specifications and display, the dated machine surely stands out against the tides of time and is still one the finest laptop to purchase in the price segment. The ultimate decision, however, depends upon the usage and lifestyle of the users, but the Air shall certainly be considered as an option.


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