Netflix Versus Hotstar Versus Amazon Prime

Surbhi Gupta 2017-12-14

Television streaming is a relatively new parallel in digital media, it was quite popular in countries like the United States, but not so much in India. Until of course storm of web series broke the internet and people started to search for more content online. We compare the three most famous streaming services so that you can judge your options and choose the kind of shows you wish to binge watch.

1. Netflix

Netflix is hugely popular in the world and it debuted in India last year. It is hands down the best you can get if you like watching original content and TV shows. They have shows like Narcos, House of Cards, The Crown, Jane the Virgin etc. They keep updating their content every week adding new movies, documentaries, and shows. They also have a separate kids section so that the kids can be separated from the adult content. They have started adding Bollywood movies like Pink (2016) and have also recently added Pakistanis dramas. Their subscription starts 499 rupees/month for single screen viewing which is a bit steep as compared to the other two, but their good quality content justifies the price.You can try it free for a month.

Netflix Versus Hotstar Versus Amazon Prime

2. Hotstar

Hotstar is a Star and HBO initiative. They have a good mix of content ranging from Hindi serials to English serials. They also have regional content in Kannada, Marathi, Telugu. They have shows like Koffee with Karan, Divorce, Game of Thrones, How I met your mother etc. The collection of Bollywood movies is vast. Disney movies are in abundance under Kids content. The best part, though, is the presence of sports and live streaming of sports events. None of the other streaming services have that. Also, they have collaborated with All India Bakchod for original content in form of talk shows. Their subscription is priced at 199/month and you can try it free for a month.

Netflix Versus Hotstar Versus Amazon Prime

3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a comprehensive video streaming that gives you video as well as shopping benefits. The Amazon prime customers get one day delivery on ‘prime marked products’. It's a great combination for those who like to shop as they surf the internet. They have shows like The Vampire diaries, Seinfeld, 2 Broke girls. In movies, they have a great movie collection as newer movies like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Sultan, Kabali etc. They also have regional content. They do have a kid’s section as well. Amazon Prime is in its initial stages and is coming up with a lot of original content. It has signed up with 14 Indian stand-up comedians to stream original shows and has also tied up with Chu Chu Tv for kids content. The cost for Amazon Prime subscription is 499 rupees/annually. Yes, it's really cheap. It looks like a good deal, you can try it free for a month.

Netflix Versus Hotstar Versus Amazon Prime

So we hope this answers all your questions about what to subscribe to? Now go, binge watches all your favorite shows before new seasons come up!


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