What To Expect In The New Android O

Team Storytap 2017-07-31

Google updates the Android operating system from time to time, taking user’s need into consideration. The time of Nougat is over and now Google has released the developer preview 3 of its new operating system Android O and the public version will be releasing in August or early September. Following are some new and exciting features in Android 8.0

1. Redesigned Settings Menu

Settings menu is where you will get to see most of the visual changes. This revamped menu features subtle grey text on white background. The Sideout menu from Nougat is gone and various settings are categorised again and settings area has become more simple and straightforward.

2. Background Process Restrictions

Battery life has always been of high significance and Android 8.0 has more finely grained battery usage stats which consequently might fix the issue of battery drainage while idle. Marshmallow and Nougat’s Doze mode helped quite a bit, but Android O is somewhat more efficient for this purpose, it will limit the apps in the idle mode to save the precious battery life.

3. New emojis

Finally, Google has abandoned the blob-shaped smileys and smileys are redesigned to round shape making them more expressive and better definitely.

4. Picture-in-Picture mode

PiP, an acronym for Picture in Picture mode, is another attractive feature in Android O. Walking in the footprints of Nougat, the split screen mode is modified to PiP mode, here you can play video while working on the other application. You just have to press the home button during the video and the rest will be Android O’s duty.

5. Smart text selection

Text selection has never been too intelligent before Android O. Select the text and you will get one more option other than cut, copy, paste. The Android will identify the selected text and act intelligently. For example, if you select a web address, then the 4th option will be to search it in the browser; if you select any phone no., then the option will be to open the same in Dialer and similarly for address and all. Therefore, the smartphone is going to be more smart.

6. Adaptive Icons

As per user’s liking, the icons of apps in Android O can be changed. The shape can be selected from the settings menu. As for developers, they need to create a single icon for the app, the Android will automatically crop and align the app icon to the desired shape. In short, all the app icons will be of matching shapes.

7. More notifications control

This one is another major amelioration in the Android O. It will feature better control and more customised notifications. You cab filter notifications and disable those which are less sensitive, so that only important notifications distract you from your work. Long press any notification and you can get a toggle for notifications to disable them. Another attractive thing is that notifications are now more colourful, you can set a specific colour for any specific notification for critical alert. In addition to this you can even snooze notifications for a specific time duration.

8. Lock Screen

Like all the other things, lock screen is also customisable now. However, it is like the Nougat lock screen, but the icons in the bottom left and right corner can be changed from the settings menu.

9. Improved Audio

Sony’s donation of LDAC audio codecs to Google for including it in Android O has made it too good. If you have LDAC supported Bluetooth earphones, then you can enjoy much much better audio experience. Not only LDAC, but 8.0 is equipped with many other audio supports.

10. Autofill Support

The autofill support of Google is enhanced from chrome to other apps too. Now, the new autofill framework will allow apps to store data for auto filling the same in similar field.

11. Unknown sources

The unknown source setting is entirely gone from the settings menu. Unlike older Androids, where you have to tick the unknown sources option, In Android O, you have to trust apps from the source. For example, if you download APK from chrome then you have to check the chrome from external source settings.

12. Inverted Theme

The theme in Android O is the exact opposite of the traditional black background theme in Marshmallow and Nougat. System menus will support white background and black text on it.

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