Why EQ Is Important For Career Growth

Team Storytap 2017-11-13

Somebody who is smart, remember s data and have high technical knowledge and skills will definitely get success, isn’t it? This conventional intelligence, measured in terms of IQ, gives how measure of how good we are at reasoning and rational thinking. Obviously there is a correlation between IQ and career success, but, IQ alone doesn’t guarantee growth in career. Another thing is Emotional intelligence, measured in terms of Emotional Quotient(EQ), has great impact on our life. High IQ can give you good job, but, to continue and grow in the same, you need good EQ. Almost every profession needs human interaction and this is where EQ comes into the role. Emotional Intelligence, is defined by the Oxford Dictionary, ‘ as the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions and handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically’. Emotional Intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success. Hiring manager asks specific questions to analyse the emotional intelligence and shortlist the candidates with high EQ. As per the research studies, 80% of one’s success is due to his skills in ‘human engineering’ like one’s ability to communicate, negotiate and lead etc. while technical knowledge or intelligence contribute only 20%.

Why EQ Is Important For Career Growth


1. Emotional Intelligence Will Make You Self Aware

A person with high EQ can easily control his/her emotions. Suppose the criticism from your boss is hurting you, the person with high EQ can easily control the emotions and work more properly. Therefore, people with high EQ are aware of themselves , they know what triggers them and what stops them.

2. Eq Can Help You Have Better Personal Relationships

The person with low EQ can be insensitive, arrogant and selfish since he/she is not aware of emotions which consequently lead to detrimental results in personal as well as professional relationships.

3. Eq Can Help You Get Promoted

As discussed earlier, IQ can give you the best job. However, to stay in the same, you need to work on your emotions and understand other people’s emotions. Good communication skills are key to success and people with high EQ are definitely better in communications. Positive networking developed in work help you get promoted.

4. Emotional Intelligence Will Help You Stay Positive

Surely, Positive attitude is something you need throughout the life for the sake of success. You can’t reach the greater heights without a positive attitude in life. Despite of having setbacks, you should be aware of how to remain calm and optimistic. People with high EQ are self motivated and therefore, less prone to failures.

Due to their skill of dealing with emotions, people with high EQ can get along well with others. Moreover, They can survive office politics like backstabbing, badmouthing etc. easily. The traits like being a team player, motivated worker are much more important than the scholastic test scores to achieve something in life.

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