7 Essential Items To Carry While Trekking

Team Storytap 2017-10-23

Trekking is gaining popularity these days. Not only as a leisure pursuit, but many people are taking it up as a profession too. It does provide with an unmatched experience. People who go on treks learn a lot too from whatever challenges they encounter to whoever they meet. It does require a lot of planning before embarking upon a trek and a part of all the plans must be the essential items that are carried while trekking. Here are some of them.

1. Hiking Boots

They are not like the usual sneakers. The inside cushion makes sure your feet feel warm as you go up the altitude. The spokes on the soles makes them heavier so that you have a strong grip on rocky terrains. Also, go for a waterproof one because you never know what sort of environment you may encounter. Waterproof hiking boots help our feet to remain dry even while trekking on snow and prevent them from frostbites.

7 Essential Items To Carry While Trekking


2. Rucksack

The many pockets and zips make it spacious. Also, it’s impossible to carry a suitcase while going on a trek. A rucksack is easy to manage, is light and you can keep all you necessary items inside it. Usually it has enough space to fit in a lot of things.

7 Essential Items To Carry While Trekking


3. Tents

While trekking you may land up in remote places without guest houses or hotels around. So, it’s always in your best interest to carry a tent. You can make your own accommodation wherever you want when you get tired trekking for a long time or want to spend the night. As the tents can be easily dismantled and carried around, they are portable. Also, most of the tents are waterproof and thus protect you from snowfall or rainfall.

7 Essential Items To Carry While Trekking


4. Ropes

They come in handy for a number of things. Sometimes you can use them to tie your tent and at other times they can be used to just hang your items if you are busy doing something else. Most importantly, ropes act as safety equipments in case of emergencies.

7 Essential Items To Carry While Trekking


5. Windcheater

As the name suggests, these jackets are designed in a way that they cut the wind and make it easier for you to walk. They also make you feel warm. So not having the wind to slow you down, makes the whole experience of mountaineering easier.

7 Essential Items To Carry While Trekking


6. Sleeping bags

After putting a tent it is difficult to sleep on the ground which may have rocks and thorns. A sleeping bag is a great help here. You have to unzip it and get inside. The upper part acts like a blanket and the bottom like mattress. So, it’s very much like a mattress cum blanket. Have enough sleep to make the most of trekking.

7 Essential Items To Carry While Trekking


7. Headlamp

It’s like headband with a torch. You don’t have to hold it. So, it comes in handy when you are doing a lot of work at night such as cooking or putting the tent.

7 Essential Items To Carry While Trekking


Make sure you pack all these items while planning your trek and make it a tension free experience.

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