7 Most Unique Airports In The World

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The world undoubtedly is full of astonishing piece of architectural work. Great engineers and architects having an out of the box imagination power have ended up making great Architectural pieces. You all must have heard about the 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD. But now it's time for you to add on to your treasure of knowledge about 7 most unique Airports in the World.Here goes the list of most quirky airports of the world:

1. Princess Juliana International Airport

Imagine while you chill on the beaches and a plane passes over you and the distance between you both is a few feet? As if the plane is to land on you? Doesn't the thought of this scary enough to give you goosebumps? This is the reality for the people who visit Maho Beach. Princess Juliana Airport, also known as Saint Maarten International Airport is located in Simpson Bay, Saint Maarten. The airport is named after Princess Juliana of Netherlands who landed here in 1944, a year after the airport was constructed. It is best known for its low-altitude flyover landing approaches as one end of its runway is close to shore and other to Maho Beach. A plane in order to land crosses the road, fence and beach very closely. Except for the heavy sounds, there is no harm that could be caused to the tourists but huge trucks on roads are at risk as they become a vertical obstacle. Hence it is made sure no big trucks pass by when a plane is about to land.

7 Most Unique Airports In The World


2. Velana International Airport

Formerly known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, the airport serves Male, the Maldivian capital. The fact that brings this Airport on our list is that it is solely built on an island hence, surrounded by water from all the four sides. The beauty of this airport and it's surrounding is far from one's imagination. It showcases world's most iconic plane landings. The airport started as a small piece of land on the island Hulhule on 19th October 1960. Then it was upgraded to Male International Airport in 1981 to provide service to international tourists. After several changes in stakes and owners, it got the name of Velana International Airport on Jan 1st, 2017.

7 Most Unique Airports In The World

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3. Tenzing-Hillary Airport

A Show named 'Most Extreme Airports' on History Channel in 2010 rated this airport to be the most dangerous airport in last 20 years. If you think you have something scary which has taken off your sleep you are wrong nothing could be scarier than an airport with a huge valley drop on one side and a precarious cliff face on the other. Also, thanks to the rainy weather which makes asphalt runway slippery. It is the gateway to Mount Everest as the mountaineers start climbing to the Mount Everest Base Camp from Lukla.

7 Most Unique Airports In The World


4. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

Located on the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba, it is the smallest airport in the world with a 400 m runway. As it has a small runway the landing of jet crafts is prohibited here. The whole place around the airport is a 13 km wide volcano with a single road on it. The plane tends to land on a runway which is hardly a few meters longer than its landing platform. It has cliffs on either of its sides plunging into deep waters on the others. Named after former Aruban minister Juancho Irausquin the airport began operating in September 1963. No fatal accident has taken place here yet the aviators consider it to be another dangerous landing platform.

7 Most Unique Airports In The World


5. Kansai International Airport

To relieve the overcrowding at Osaka International Airport the engineers and architects in Japan came up with an idea of creating one on an artificial island in Osaka. The building of this island started in 1987 and by 1994 the jets started touching down the runway. Kansai's artificial island is 2.5 miles long and 1.6 miles wide which makes it visible from space as well. The engineers were unaware adverse effects of Global Warming on its construction. Geographers say that in 50 years or so the airport might sink into the water

7 Most Unique Airports In The World


6. Ice Runway

The runway is made of summer sea ice and is active until ice starts breaking down in early December. Built on the fields of McMurdo Station, Antarctica it has no restriction to space. The runway is big enough to accommodate the landings of C-130 Hercules , Lockheed, and the C-17 Globemaster III. Danger lies in the weights of the aircraft and cargoes. The real challenge is to have a safe landing without the plane busting into the ice. As the ice starts breaking the planes are redirected to Pegasus Field or Williams Field, the two other airports serving the continent.

7 Most Unique Airports In The World

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7. Courchevel International Airport

Isn't it amazing to watch an aircraft taking off downhill and landing uphill? People of Courchevel, France encounter such airplane visits. Courchevel International Airport serves as an airport to Courchevel, a ski resort in the French Alps. The airport is considered horrifying as it has a different approach, an upslope runway with skis running in adjacent directions. The runway has no technical support and lightening aid which makes the landing in fog and cloud unsafe and at times impossible. It is listed as the 7th most dangerous airport by Most Extreme Airports of the world.

7 Most Unique Airports In The World


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