7 Reasons Why Once In Life You Should Travel Solo

Mithila Mhatre 2017-09-14

Traveling heals everything. And traveling with friends or family or partner is super relaxing. But ever heard about solo traveling? Surely you must have. And it's not only for singles or introverts but also can be for those who are in a relationship or are extroverts because who don’t wish for some ‘me’ time. This experience will definitely have a lifelong positive impact on your life in various ways.
Let's explore why traveling solo offers plethora of bliss

1. Pushes You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You will face enough challenges, be it unfamiliar places or language barrier or homesickness. But at the end of this trip, you will be a better person, who has learned how to flourish out of the comfort zone.

7 Reasons Why Once In Life You Should Travel Solo

2. Makes You Realize That You're The Best Company

Between our routine chaos, our mind craves for some peace and this craving should be entertained. Traveling solo makes you realize that you are the most enjoyable company for yourself. This is the time when you would be listening to your thoughts and dreams.

7 Reasons Why Once In Life You Should Travel Solo

3. Do Whatever You Want To Do

There is no schedule or obligation or control. You can schedule or unschedule. You can make a plan, change it or cancel it without guilty of ditching. You are the boss and it's entirely your call. You can plan everything or nothing and no one is getting pissed. Imagine wanting to spend the whole day at the beach but then your partner wanted to shop. But this time you can just laze on the beach and there's no obligation.

7 Reasons Why Once In Life You Should Travel Solo

4. Gifts You Superpowers

Surprised? But yes it actually gives you some lasting superpowers like independence, confidence, and decision-making powers. Obstacles are part and parcel of solo traveling and you have to fix them all by yourself. You would be controlling every part of this trip-making decisions, executing them and figuring out the ways if they wrong. You would be relying totally on yourself. That is when you will realize your new found superpowers which have an enduring positive impact on your life.

7 Reasons Why Once In Life You Should Travel Solo

5. Helps To Accomplish Your Bucket List

Every bucket list has some crazy things and we all hesitate to work on them when there are friends and family members around. So this is the time to accomplish those crazy things because solo traveling never lets you sacrifice your dreams.

7 Reasons Why Once In Life You Should Travel Solo

6. Brings You Back To Life

You can relax for hours. There is no need to set an alarm if you don’t desire for it. You can refresh your body, mind, and soul in your ways like traveling to different places or relaxing in hotel or shopping or spending hours in the spa which recharges you.

7 Reasons Why Once In Life You Should Travel Solo

7. Brings You Closer To Your Loved Ones

Days away from them will make you realize their importance in your life. It will not only rejuvenate your relationship but also make you revive you are together at first place. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

7 Reasons Why Once In Life You Should Travel Solo

But before you pack your bag and set off to explore, make sure you research about that place.

Your family will disapprove worrying about your safety or your friends will tease you thinking this as a silly plan but you can surely do it. This experience will make your stronger and more capable.


Mithila Mhatre

Mithila Mhatre is studying second-year Biotechnology degree in Jai Hind College, Mumbai. She and her team have been working on a research project and have presented it in various intercollegiate competitions. Her team had won the third prize for the project in poster presentation JIGYASA 2017. Also, she is a writer, dancer, and singer. She is an avid reader. She has worked with Explainoexpo and Rightskill, as a content writer. She is also the campus ambassador for PopXo and the social media manager for Actozen.

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