Top 7 International Honeymoon Destinations

Team Storytap 2017-11-13

You are planning to take a step forward towards a new phase of life i.e. your married life. Marriage is a bond to be cherished for the lifetime which is incarnated with love and affection. For Indians, marriage is a matter of pride. And you guys will agree that this bond obviously deserves a ravishing beginning. Also, in a hustle of planning out things with perfection you might get tired. Hence, we take this headache of providing you with best of the Honeymoon destinations outside India for a perfect beginning of the new chapter. Kudos!

1. Reunion Island

What place could be better than The Reunion Island to form the new union of souls? From volcanic deserts you reach the emerald lagoons and in no time you find yourself in the incredible green forests. The place offers you a complete combo of land , water and air. Discover the dark oceans and witness the beauty as you fly over the island. you just name it and next you will watch yourself enjoying the very adventurous activity. It is located in the middle of Indian Ocean, providing you with the blissful beaches and at the same time amazing mountain terrains. From Continental, Chinese, Indian to African cuisines it serves you everything.
Things to do- Visit Saint-Pierre, Saint Gilles Les Bains, Cilaos, Saint Joseph, Le Tampon, Sainte Rose and many more. Have the best lunch and dinner of your life beside beaches and near the terrains. Sink into the scenic beauty along with the mind boggling adventure sports.

Top 7 International Honeymoon Destinations

2. Bali

Are you looking for a destination embraced with romanticism and at the same time adventure? If yes then Bali is waiting for you my friends. It provides you with amorous views of high mountains, sandy beaches full of exotic greenery. The unique and spiritual culture that runs into the veins of people of Bali evokes paradise on earth. With world-class underwater sports activities and mast architectural pieces, it has become one of the top travelling destinations among travel enthusiasts. Hence, it is apt for you and your beloved to splash into the waters of Bali.
Things to Do- Climb up to to Mount Batur to enjoy a romantic sight during the sunrise. Also, munch on the top of an active volcano. Visit Uluwatu and Besakih temples, Monkey Forests, Goa Gajah, Ubud Art Market. Watch the Fire dances with Bali food by your side.

Top 7 International Honeymoon Destinations


3. Paris

Also known as the city of romance, Paris becomes another destination for you to start your joyous married life. The visionary beauty, formidable architecture and sugary air of Paris takes a toll over everything and makes your honeymoon a splendid one. In Paris awaits a lavish honeymoon awaits with a glass of wine and the most delicious cheese of the world in Paris.
Things to do- Visit Louvre Pyramid at night, Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Jardin des Tuileries , Arc de Triomphe and Opera Bastille. Also, Paris comes into the top most fashion cities in the world hence have a chance to make your wardrobe a treat to your eyes. Have a dinner on River Seine. Furthermore, watch Cabaret and blend yourself into the Parisian culture.

Top 7 International Honeymoon Destinations


4. Phuket

Engulfed into the arms of Andaman Sea, Phuket in Thailand forms a pleasurable place for you to spend your honeymoon time. Moreover, it is a host of high-end resorts, famous restaurants and bustling shops. Patong is the base for all the major activities in Phuket. It forms a perfect combo of greens and blues and hence you can keep the place in your mind as you plan your honeymoon.
To do list for Phuket: Visit Phang Nga Bay,Old Phuket Town ,Big Buddha, Prompthep Cape Viewpoint, Phuket Fantasea and Rang Hill. Enjoy the Cabaret show and add some thrill to the trip with water sports.

Top 7 International Honeymoon Destinations

5. Greece

The white and blue beauty of Athens and Santorini will blemish soul. Head towards Athens, the most winsome city of Greece and Santorini, an island in the Aegean Sea. Petit houses surrounded with greenery and looked upon with blue skies forms a perfect destination for your new love life.
Athens: The temple of Olympian Zeus, Plaka District, Acropolis, Night-sightseeing, Herod Atticus Odeon are few places where you can pay a visit.
Santorini: The island has beauteous sunset views with hiking options to Fira, Ancient Thera ,Wine Museum, Private Boat Surfing are few things on your to-do list.

Top 7 International Honeymoon Destinations

6. Australia

Visiting Melbourne and Sydney brings the audacity to cheer your newly found love. It is a fairytale place for a honeymoon visit. It gives a full fledged extravagant experience. Lanes filled with cafes and beautiful old buildings form an apt place for you to spend your special time.
To do list for Australia:
Melbourne: Dine at Attica, Estelle Bar and Kitchen which are supposedly the best restaurants in Melbourne. Grab a drink over the rooftops of Australian bars like Black Pearl and Belotta. Furthermore, go through the Australian architecture by visiting Melbourne Museum and beautiful gardens.
Sydney: Have an out of the box movie experience at outside cinemas of Sydney during the evening time. Go for a picnic at Royal Botanic Garden with your loved one. Also, be an audience to 'Roar and Snore' show at Taronga Zoo. Go for colourful theatre and musical shows at Sydney's theatres. Try harbor side restaurants and cafes like Darling Harbour and Circular Quay.
Queensland: From rainforests to Great Barrier Reafs and Gold and Sunshine Coasts, the delicacies of Queensland are worth cherishing. Have a romantic dinner at Gauruva restaurant and catch a fascinating view of the city from the Kangaroo Point cliff.

Top 7 International Honeymoon Destinations

7. Italy

One of the most enjoyable places to go for honeymoon is Italy. It offers bevy of options and places for the newly-wed couple so that they have an experience with can be remembered forever. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy with your lover.
Venice: Famous for its natural beauty and romantic sites Venice is a must visit city in Italy. It has Gondola rides on the waterways which connect the city. From shopping to the beautiful lightening everything is enjoyable in the city.
Tuscany: It is a hub of most famous art pieces in the world. It has vineyards which are great for vine tours taken by the newly-wed. The cobblestone and architecture of the city is awing.
Rome: It is not only the capital of Italy but also the capital of world's most beautiful cities. The romanticism of Rome is enough to make you fall in love harder with each other. It has its fame for Roman Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and so much more things.

Top 7 International Honeymoon Destinations

These are some places where you can have a memorable start of your new life! Grab the best offers before the rooms get full! Hope you have a blazing yet loving honeymoon experience.

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