Zealandia - Welcome To The Family?

Surbhi Gupta 2017-11-13

The nearly submerged landmass in the southwest pacific, known as the ‘hidden continent’, is on its way to being recognized as a continent. No one has yet been officially designated to take charge of the continent, but scientists are contemplating that it is distinct enough to be called as a continent.

Zealandia - Welcome To The Family?


According to a publication released by ‘The Geological Society of America’, this smaller neighbor of Australia fulfills all the parameters to be called as a continent like elevation above surrounding area, a well-defined are, distinctive geology and a crust thicker than regular ocean floor.

94% of the total area of Zealandia is under water and its size is about two-thirds of Australia. On the other hand, it is twelve times bigger than Mauritia and six times bigger than Madagascar.

No international body is there to designate official continents, and so the researchers are hoping that enough of their colleagues to recognize it as a landmass.

Zealandia - Welcome To The Family?


If recognized, Zealandia would be world’s eighth and smallest continent. The climate there is mild and temperate. The largest island has glaciers, largest being the Tasman glacier on South island. The northern part of Zealandia is very volcanic. The largest volcano is the Taupo Volcanic Zone. As the larger part of the landmass is submerged, they are very rich in mineral deposits, although New Zealand has strict controls of mining there.

Zealandia - Welcome To The Family?


This looks like a beautiful addition to the family, what do you think?


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